Monday, January 26, 2009

Where have I been?

It is amazing how 4 months can fly by! I had an email from one of my blog followers wondering where I have been well. I have a few things on my plate and little of it has been crafting related.

The first thing that has been keeping me busy is I am 17 weeks pregnant! Yeah - Baby Tompkins is due to arrive around July 7. However, Baby Tompkins has taken a lot out of me. I have had horrible morning sickness from week 6 onward and the label of 'morning' is a lie! I have been taking diclectin since week 8 and it has helped however, the experiment at week 14 to go off was not a successful one. I am continuing to work which has been a challenge a lot of days. This is Baby Tompkins from my 13w 4d ultrasound. He or she is healthy and growing perfectly with absolutely no problems. I have another ultrasound which works out that I will almost 21 weeks. This is the ultrasound that you would find out the sex however, Ian and I have decided that we will not be finding out the sex - we are having a baby and no matter boy or girl we will be happy. I figure it is one of the only suprises left in life.

I have also started teach Copic marker classes at my local scrapbook store, The Scrapbook Pantry. They started on Jan 16th. I am running a basics class and then you can graduate into my 'Shades' classes. I've had 2 classes to date and they have been so much fun. I was nervous at first but the timing my color lessons in the basics course have worked out. I teach again this week on Wednesday and then next week on Feb 4th is my first Shades class which will be 'Shades of Red' very appropriate for February.

It was hard decision but due to the demands of my pregnancy, my job and a new baby - I have resigned from the design team at Hanna Stamps. Telling Kristi that I would no longer be designing for them was so hard. I was in tears as I wrote the email as she is such a wonderful person and has done so much for me. I love the stamps!

I do have a few creations that need a picture and then I can get something up on this site. I hope all my readers have me in google reader and will start continue to follow along.

Hope everyone is well - I have continued to read blogs. This past weekend, I set up a new space in the basement (had to give up my scrap space in the spare room to be a spare room, as the bigger spare room will be the nursery) So, I once again have a clean space and it made me find my inspiration again. Ian is going away all week for some field work and I noticed the TV wasn't that good for the week so I should get something done.