Monday, October 4, 2010

The Breast Crop Ever

The Breast Crop Ever was in Red Deer on Saturday, September 18th.  Christy asked me to come along with to help her out in our booth selling kits.  Of course, I jumped on board as a day with Christy is always a pleasure. 

When I attend a crop as a vendor, I never participate in the door prizes or contests as I don't want to win and take away a prize from a participant.  Though, I am not sure why I worry as the only kind of luck I have is back luck..... (I'm not the person to take to the casino with you.... Ian tends to tell me to go to the other side of the place so he can win something)  Anyhow, back on top ..... But, I've always participated in the 50/50 to build the pot knowing that if I won, I could donate back my winnings.

Well low and behold, I won the 50/50 at the Breast Crop Ever this year.  So, I told Tiffany when she was handing me that money that I would be taking my $167 from her but on Monday, I would be donating the money back to Breast Cancer website so that I could tax receipt in my name.  As if I have a tax receipt in my name, the company I work for Cenovus Energy would match my donation as an employee of the company.  So here is my receipt.  Sometime in the next quarter, Cenovus will be sending the Breast Cancer Foundation a check for $167.  I am happy to have made the 50/50 at the crop a 150/0! .... or in dollars - $501. 

This feels pretty good!