Monday, February 12, 2007


So I did stamp alot this weekend. I made 5 foamy doorhanger and 5 - small valentine's day cards for my niece, 3 nephews and my girlfriend's little guy. I'd love to put a picture up for you but ..... my camera drivers aren't loaded on the computer since we did the windows restore after getting a worm and I can't find the disk for the drivers as they are in some unpacked box somewhere and I can't find the proper driver online so right now I can't post.

On Saturday night - I stayed up to about 3 am creating wedding invitation prototypes - it was a good start but nothing looks quite how I'd like. I have some supplies in a SU order that should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday that should help me out.

On Sunday night - I made two cards from the Feb Demo Planner - SCS has a challenge on the demo side for this. I hope I can get the drivers going by Feb 15 so that I can load the pictures to the SCS website.

So when I get it going I will have lots of pictures to post of my crafts!

Today, I've had the flu - I woke up at about 2 am and didn't feel right. The bug had me most of the day. I am feeling much better now even thinking about some dinner. I have to clean up a bit tonight and do some laundry as I have some gals over tomorrow night for an Epicure Selections tasting party. This will be the first time a lot of them see my kitchen!

Until later, happy crafting.

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