Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lousy Blogger

I've been a lousy blogger but I have good excuses.

1. I am in the interview stages for a new job.

2. I was just in Saskatchewan for 4 days for my wedding shower.

3. All my projects are wedding related.

4. Did I mention I am getting married on September 29, 2007 which is only 45 days away!

I will have some new thank you cards to post very soon. I've taken the Just Delightful SAB scrapbook kit and used the stickers etc to make the 60 cards as posted on SCS. I have about 30 of them made now (2 x 15 styles).

Once the wedding is over I can get back to other crafting.


Amy said...

Those are great excuses! I have been lousy too. Are we "sloggers"? Slacking bloggers?

I have just been busy getting started as a demo and enjoying the last days of summer with my baby.

Congrats on your wedding. Post when you can! We'll wait!

Nancy said...

Good luck with the new job prospect! Very exciting!

I can't believe how quickly the wedding is coming up!