Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday Night Class #2

This is the second kit that I have designed for Monday Night Class, it is waiting on me to finish the instruction sheet. I have to really get on that and another one I have to write up before this baby arrives. I know the Bo Bunny paper for this one is on order and both Cindy and Christy are going to be on my case soon. I know now not to procrastinate the instructions to do it right after as this one has been waiting a month. I really like how it turned out a very nice Family scrapbook page. I hope to scrap some of our new family pictures on it when this baby arrives.

On the baby front, my doctor told me yesterday at my appointment that I was boring. I have lots of baby movement but absolutely no contraction or even Braxton Hicks to speak of. She said go home, rest up, we will see you next week and I mean you are boring in the 'nicest' way. For once in this pregnancy, it is nice to be boring. I'm finally getting a few things done around here so really not ready for baby to arrive until probably sometime by the end of next week/weekend...... besides it is a July baby..... if it comes in June that means I'll have to go back to work in June 2010 and I think July 2010 sounds much better!

MNC supplies - Bo-Bunny Abbey Road paper and accessories


Nancy said...

The layout is awesome, Shannon!!

And you just hold on to that baby a little longer... she (or he, sigh) will come at exactly the right time!

Michelle said...

Love this layout - gorgeous! Can't wait to order it.

Tracy.H said...

Wow! This is beautiful, Shannon! I am crossin' my fingers for ya that the baby holds off for a bit for ya...but baby will come when baby is ready. ;0)

Merlie said...

Wow! Look at you Miss Scrapper. Layout is gorgeous! Yeah.. the baby will come when SHE is ready.

Shannon McGann said...

Gorgeous layout! It's so pretty! I'm wondering if you have baby news since it's the middle of July and no posts yet! :)