Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hailey's Photo Shoot

Little Miss Hailey had her first photo shoot yesterday. She handled it like the rock star that she is and in pure princess fashion shined. She was alert the whole time which made for some amazing shoots. She was 12 days old in these shots. The information on the christening gown is a little off it was mine and only woren by me however, the blanket she is laying on was knit by my Great Grandmother when my father was born and has been handed down from oldest to oldest etc. Someday it will go to Hailey's son or daughter. My photographer, Viriginia is absolutely amazing with a camera. I highly recommend her, she is also the one that did all those amazing wedding shoots of Ian and I, 2 years ago. So, here is the link:

Hot Shoe Photography - Hailey @ 2 weeks


Merlie said...

She's a PRO already! Hubby said she's a CUTIE too.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Oh my word.... what a little angel.
She so needs to go on a magazine cover or baby food... something.
She's just soooo darling.
WIsh I had known your photographer when my children were this small!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pics Shannon - what a cutie!