Monday, November 2, 2009

Simply Beautiful

I thought I'd come by and post on my blog seeing as Hailey is nicely asleep. Time change has caught up to her and I realized she fell asleep on the floor just before 7 which to her little body is still 8.

It was a gorgeous day in Calgary however, the wind was up a little because of the chinook that blew in. Hailey and I walked down to the grocery store, didn't realize how bad the wind was until I had to walk into it all the way home which is uphill all the way. The big hill into Kincora sure put the burn into my legs as I pushed the stroller up. I guess I need to do some more daily walking now that my body has finally recovered from the c-section. I found that 6 weeks after the first 6 weeks to be a big harder than before they gave me the all clear.

I made this Scrapbook page from the Oh la la line from My Mind's Eye. It is a really gorgeous line. I made this layout back at the end of August on my first scrapbooking outing adventure to Christy's with Hailey. Hailey wouldn't really settle so I really only got this one page down all night. I hope to start posting on my blog more regularly. I seem to be getting my space back in order, Hailey's getting into more of a routine (definitely not a schedule but definitely a daily routine). It's been a long year from the time I found out pregnant to now. The newborn was definitely easier than the pregnancy.

Anyhow, 2nd annual Jingle Bell Crop is this coming weekend. I hope my babe behaves so I can get some work down, I will be teaching a small class too. Ian's been away for a week and half now hopefully he will be home within the next 2 weeks.


Sherry Cheever said...

Shannon this is an absolute precious page! What a sweetie you have there!

Tracy.H said...

This is a beautiful layout, Shannon! :0)

Michelle said...

I absolutely love this layout. Everytime I see it at the Pantry I always take a look!

Merlie said...

Love the layout Shannon. Not sure yet if we will be at JBC, but now that you mentioned food... I hope it will be a go.

Haley Marie Ross said...

This is a beautiful layout! I just love it.