Monday, August 16, 2010


This weekend I finally learnt how to digital scrapbook.  It actually was pretty easy now that I have had Photoshop Elements 5 for 3 years, I've gotten used to the program.

I actually didn't design a page for my first attempt.  I rather used a digi template that was free.  I then used used a free kit that I found online.  I like the page and how it turned out.  I need to add some journalling as it isn't complete without it.  I can't say that I am convert but I definitely will do some more digi for gifts.  I think an album done in digital format would be good for me to give as presents to the Grandparents as it is faster than creating 3 paper layouts.  I was amazed at all the freebies out there.  I haven't spent a dime on digi but I know I could.  I then went on to make a layout that I created myself.  (I'll post later)

This weekend I made a big dent in my basement scrapping area.  All the baskets/boxes are up on the 3 bookshelves.  I sorted the 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock into color family.  (Holy batman, I didn't realize I had that much cardstock!)  I also got the tables cleaned off and the recycling under control.  I need one more trip to IKEA for some more DVD and CD storage boxes and then I should be set to start unpacking the bags and boxes were all the stuff is temporarily stored .... piece by piece, hour by hour - I will get this done. 

Digi Supplies: Internet freebies (I can get the sites if someone is interested)

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Merlie said...

Very Sweet, Shannon!! Can't believe she's already ONE... Bought my photoshop element 2 years ago to do digi scrap and still have nothing to show for. Yours is fantastic!