Saturday, July 21, 2007

Do you want/need a Scor-pal?

This awesome tool called the Scor-Pal was created by Diana Crick who is from British Columbia. She posted the terms of doing a bulk buy on the Stampin'Up Canada demos site.

I would like to organize a CALGARY ONLY bulk buy. I do not want to deal with shipping and packaging these boards up besides the shipping is the free part of the bulk buy.

These are the terms from Diana's email:
"If you have a group of friends together and order 6 or more shipping is free as long as they are going to one address. We also include a free Scor-Tool ($4.95) for each person.

With an order of 12 or more, free shipping, free Scor-Tool ($4.95) and a free roll of 5mm Terrific Tape ($3.50. Scor-Pal is $39.95 CDN."

Therefore, each Scor-Pal will be $39.95 + 6% gst ($2.40)= $42.35

(I do have to confirm this with Diana but my math skills tend to be right on its one of the pluses of being an engineer)

I have 3 people interested so far. I am going to leave this post at the top of my blog until next Saturday, July 21. (I have family in a few days next week) At which time, I can finalize the numbers and get an email out to those interested with payment instruction etc.

If you are interested, please either email me at or leave a comment on my blog making sure to include your email and where you are in Calgary. To pick up your scor-pal you will have to come by my place at a few set times to pick them up - I live in the community of Kincora in the NW (end of Beddington Trial)

Any questions, please email me.

ETA: Bulk buy is official with 6 participates. I am willing to add to the bulk buy until next Saturday, July 21.


Anonymous said...

I would love to be part of the Scor-pal buy count me in. Cranston SE calgary.

Allison said...

You have been tagged! It's a new one!

Should you choose to accept the challenge, you can add this image to your sidebar:

Cheerio, Allison

Anonymous said...

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