Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wishes in the Wind

I loves these pictures of Hailey in what was my christening gown.  She laying on a blanket that my Great Grandmother gave to my Grandma when my Dad was born.  The blanket has been passed from my Grandmother to my Mom and Dad when I was born and my Mom saved it to go to her firstborn's firstborn.  I am to continue the legacy and pass the blanket on to Hailey's first child.  I didn't even know that this was coming so you can image in my post baby state I cried!  I also just realized that I need to scrapbook the story of this blanket.  As on these pages, which were a kit desgined by Jennifer Roswell, I talked about the things I wished for Hailey.  The butterfly paperclip can be pulled off to reveal a hidden journalling message.  I changed the kit by only putting little girl rub-ons on the little squares rather than pictures.


Michelle said...

Love it Shannon - gorgeous!

What a great story to scrapbook!

& I love the butterfly clip with the hidden journalling.

Julie Mutch said...

This is a beautiful layout, Shannon and a beautiful story behind it. What a wonderful tradition to carry on. Thanks for sharing! :)