Monday, July 19, 2010

You're a HOOT

Well this is my last layout (I think), that I have to show.  I suspect there are a few more but they need some photoshop work.  Though from the looks of this page, I didn't crop it very nicely.  Paper and flowers are all by BoBunny, letters are Thickers, chipboard owl by Riff Raff Designs, brads by Doodlebug and felt by Queen&Co.

Hailey turned '1' on Friday, July 9th.  We had a great birthday party for her surrounded by a little bit of family and a lot of friends.  Her favorite gift was her little car from Grandma Rita and Grandpa Gerald.  I have to download the pictures yet, once I do a post a recap here.

I started back to work on Monday, July 12th so today is the start of my second week back however, this is the real test this week as last week was Stampede in Calgary so the work week wasn't very heavy.  I think I have finally figured out my commute to get me to my office by 7 am allowing me to leave at 4pm to get Hailey from the dayhome by 5 pm.  Hailey hasn't noticed me going back to work much.  She had been going to the dayhome, one day a week since the beginning of May so she is right at home there and loves being there.  Ian is great as he gets her up in the morning and takes her to the dayhome so that I can leave for work early.  I am sure we are going to have a lot of growing pains but for now things seem pretty good.

Back to work isn't lasting long as I am off on vacation from July 30th - August 8th.  We are heading to Halifax to see Ian's family.  We are looking forward to seeing them as it has been a tough year for the Tompkins'/Wolfes' families.  Grandpa Tompkins passed away on Jan 1st, Grandma Wolfe passed away on June 20th and Grandma Tompkins passed away unexpectedly on July 15.  We are so glad that we took Hailey to see everyone in December.  We have a picture with each of her great grandparents.  Each of Ian's Grandparents will be sadly missed but lived full lives into their 90's.


Tracy.H said...

Glad to hear that the 'back to work' thing is working out for you guys...definitely makes it much easier on Mom! :0)

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Shannon,

Glad to hear that everything is going well with you being back to work.

I'm so sorry to hear about all the Grandparents passing. My sympathies are with you. Give me a call if you get a chance while you're in town. I'd love to see you. Take care.