Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st!

Not sure where the fall has gone.  It is now December and Christmas is what around the corner.  I figure I better get my Christmas shopping done sometime really soon.  I have a visit to Chinook mall planned to get Hailey's 2nd Christmas picture with Santa.  I love their sleigh Santa display, great rich colors for scrapping.

In the last couple months, I haven't crafted all that much.  I did manage to make one card at Calgals at the end of October.  And have done 4 single pages in November when I was at events.  I, however, find I have no light to photography my projects in.  I leave for work in the dark, I come home in the dark and when I do come home at night, I have Hailey in tow, who needs to be feed and watered (haha) pretty much as we get in the door.  Then it's playtime, bath, some cuddles and bedtime!  I tend to flop exhausted from day.  I've been googling buying a light tent but I'm just not finding the right sites for what I need? or do I know what I need?

I have been so fortunate to spend a pile of time with Christy Riopel and throughout the fall.  I worked at both Scrapbook Carnivals in Calgary and Edmonton for  The consumers definitely kept me running in Edmonton as they were shopping up a storm.  It was great to spend time with the girls in the industry that I know, Donna Houston from Inspired Designs, Michelle Zemlack with The Hope Chest and I was fortunate enough to meet so many of the Canadian Scrapbooker team, Jackie Ludlage, Katarina Doyle, Allison Orthner, Leica Forrest and Cathie Allan.  These girls are so funny and had me laughing until I had a stitch in my side.  I took Cathie Allan's class in Calgary and learned so much about taking ink to paper. 

On October 28th, we lost my amazing Aunt Matilda to Ovarian Cancer.  She fought a hard fight with the disease and after a little over 2 years of chemo, her little body couldn't fight anymore.  I travelled to Hope, BC to be with my Mom and celebrate my Aunt's life.  Thanks to the Hospice staff and nurses at the Hope Hospital that cared for my Aunt throughout October and made sure that her family was doing good as well.  We had to visit to the Hope Emergency Room as Hailey got a terrible ear infection while we were there.  It is near impossible to keep a child with an ear infection quiet while in a hotel room!  Though it was a sad week, it was amazing to see my cousin, Gwyn who I haven't seen since Easter 1997 and meet her new husband and 7 year old daughter, Shaelynn.  Shaelynn was great at keeping the running Hailey at bay!

November crops brought the 3rd annual Jingle Bell Crop, hosted by  I love being on this team, Christy and Cindy are both so amazing.  They feed the troops, keep up entertained and I love the new addition to the 10 minute scavenger hunt!  The following weekend I motored to Saskatoon with Christy to attend the Saskatchewan Scraps event hosted by Leica Forrest.  It was first visit to Saskatchewan.  The fog started to roll in when we were about an hour and half out of the city, so we never did see much other than fog.  The fog did cause some havoc with air travel and the wonderful Cathie Allan wasn't able to make it in but Vicki Boutin and Jill Hildebrand were there.  Vicki ran classes throughout and the sweet Jill spent the day doing a make n'take using Nikki Sivils product. 

So, that has been life in a nutshell.  My little one is now running, climbing up and down the stairs, she has so many new tricks and she lives us in giggles most nights with the things she comes up with. 

And because I don't have any photographed creations to share.  I'll leave you this picture of my babe, eating chili for the first time with a spoon that she did all by herself.  She hit her mouth most times! :-)

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