Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You make me SMILE

I'm not the girl that always has a smile on her face.  I have the serious picture face.  I do know how to have a little smirk but I don't have the wide open mouth , teeth showing kind of smile.  So, this layout is appropriate as Ian does make me smile in life, sometimes it is just more on the outside then on the surface.  He is my guy and after 3 years of marriage and 5 years together, he still makes me smile. 

I made this layout months ago just realized it was on my hard drive.  I don't do many double page layouts anymore I have quite a few in my wedding album. 

Christmas is getting closer and I have piles of things to do and really no energy to do any of them.  But I have 8 days until we leave to Saskatchewan so I guess I better get cracking.  This weekend I will be wrapping up a storm but first, there is Calgals on Friday night!  Looking forward to seeing my girls.  A little lunch with a couple we know on Saturday that has a Christmas present for little HAT but other than that a wide open weekend.  Hope I accomplish some things so I am not the nutcase next Wednesday packing and wrapping before we leave on Thursday. 

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Tracy.H said...

Beautiful, Shannon! I am looking forward to Friday too. :0)