Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Calgary Blog Candy winner

I had '3' comments from Calgarians. I had hoped for more responses here and on CST so although I have all positive responses - I am a little leary of planning this event and not having the attendance. I'll have to think on this a bit more!

Anyhow on to the blog candy winner, I used a random number picker on the internet that I googled. It picked #3 which means the winner is Nancy!

Nancy - I'll bring your blog candy by when I stop for my coaster order.

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Off to do some errands today. Sure wish it wasn't snowing.


Nancy said...

HOLY WOW!!! Thanks Shannon!

Tracy.H said...

Congrats, Nancy!

I am sorry you did'nt get the response you were looking for. But I think there would be more people out there. I know of a few people that would probably love to attend!