Saturday, April 21, 2007

Go Flames Go!

These are a few pictures from the Flames game (Game 3, Round 1) in Calgary on Tuesday night against the Red Wings. I won the opportunity to buy tickets in the SportChek zone in the Flames lottery. I usually really hate being up in Level 3 but for a playoff game I can make an exception. I have been spoiled with working in the oil and gas industry in Calgary as an engineer, I tend to get free tickets from my vendors which are always in Level 1 so I've come to expect it. Of course, Ian came
with me - and if it weren't for him we would have no pictures as I hate lugging the camera around.

Before the game, at the official 'Tailgate Party in front of the Saddledome'.

The Pre-Game show before the National Athems.

The 'C' of Red in the Saddledome. Dress code for a Flames game is RED - preferable a hockey jersey.

A picture of Ian in his helmet from the HeraldHockeyHeads, he insisted of having a twizler in his mouth for the picture.

Right now, the Flames are down 4-0 in Game 5 in Detroit. Series is tied 2-2 - not looking like a win today, the Flames really do need to win a game on the road which is a weakness of theirs. They had the worst road record in the NHL this year.

I do love hockey and would hate to see it all over in Round 1!

ETA: The final score is 5-1 for Red Wings. Back to Calgary tomorrow night for Game 6! The must win on the road for Game 7 to keep this going.

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Allison said...

Arrgh...I am glad you had fun! Hopefully they will act tomorrow night like they did when you were there!