Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm on a Design Team

Well from the comments that I have read on my last post - you all know that I am on the Design Team for Hanna Stamps. When Kristi Ferro asked me to be on the team in August and showed me the set I was so excited first, to be asked and second, I got asked! Then I saw the rest of the ladies on the design team and I was in awe to be in the company of such greatness. I will be adding the blogs of the others on the Design Team over the next few days on my sidebar. But until then visit the Design Team Announcement to see the others in my company!

I don't have my stamps although everyone else on the DT and in Canada has theirs. I think Canada Post hates me this week. I am hoping that they find their way to me on Tuesday if not, Kristi will be sending me another set so I can get creating. I have a few ideas floating in my head for Ms Hanna.

If you haven't seen the set it is below. You really need to go buy this set as for the month of October there is free shipping and that is to Canada too.

The website is: Hanna Stamps - this first set called 'But I need it' retails for $15.50 and is high quality clear polymer and is 4"x6" with Hanna being 3.5"x4". With the Canadian dollar at par and free shipping that means the set is really $15.50! I love being Canadian right now - anyone up for a shopping splurge south of the border with me - oh wait - I better pay off my wedding first.

Also be sure to read about the incentive that Kristi has added if you are to get published with Hanna Stamps! This gal means business! A $100 cold hard cash for EACH item you get published and that is for everyone not just for the design team.

I have seen a hint of another set to come from Hanna Stamps - your going to love this one as well!


Nancy said...

Congratulations Shannon!!!

Tracy.H said...

I so want this set...but will have to wait. Can't wait to see what you do with it though. Congrats!! :0)

Nancy Grant said...

YIP_EE!!! I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!

Joan B said...

Ooh, congrats on being asked. That rocks. I want this set soo badly, but I just got a big box of goodies in the mail yesterday. Got to control these impulses.