Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More wedding candids

Ian and I in the limo waiting to leave the church - wow! on the cleavage shot!
The new Tompkins family
L to R: Erin Tompkins, Kevin Tompkins (brother and sister to Ian) - Ian and me - Dan and Denise Tompkins (Ian's parents)
Ian and his parents
Cake cutting


Tracy.H said...

Great pics! Your cake looks fabulous!! :0)

Allison said...

Great pics Shannon!

Crafty in Calgary said...

What gorgeous pics, Shannon! It looks like a beautiful day- congrats again!

Melissa said...

Congratulations Shannon! You looked so beautiful in your dress! I love the red accents, so pretty.

Michelle said...

Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing! You are a beautiful bride.

jeanne said...

I love your wedding pix!!! The red accents are gorgeous!!
Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

hugs, jeanne

Tiffany, Bradley, and Ava said...

Wow Shannon! You look so beautiful and happy. I love the red accents on your dress and think it was just perfect for you. Congratulations and best wishes for the future!

Erin K said...

Your dress is stunning! what a lovely day.

Paula said...

Just dropping by for the first time.
I love your wonderful wedding day photos. Everyone looks sensational, but of course, you look the best!! Congratulations and all the very best for your future together.