Monday, December 10, 2007

I got one!

I bought one of these with some money I got for my birthday from my family. I read everything I could on SCS on the ATG (adhesive tape gun) and the tape refills, and where to buy. After much reading, I purchased. I decided to get the 1/4" tape or 924 brand and the ATG 914 model. A lot of the US sites for these don't ship to Canada so I found a good Canadian source and bought from National Hardware Sales. Shipping was also very reasonable, I ordered on a Thursday and got it on the following Tuesday, Ontario to Alberta.

So far, I love it. The tape sticks well and is very easy to use. It is a tad big but I never lose it on my desk and it is very lightweight.

Here is some information I found out about the 924 tape vs the 908 Gold (acid free) tape, both fit in the 714 model that holds 1/4" tape:

Thank you for contacting 3M. The "Gold" version is the only ATG tape that
is acid free. However, 924 contains only trace amounts of acid. Tape 924
has been tested by outside testing labs to see if it's suitable for use
with photos. It has been determined that it is safe for photos. However,
some people were still a bit unconfortable with it, so we came out with the
"Gold" version which is truly acid-free.

Trace amounts is good enough for me!