Wednesday, March 12, 2008

February Stamping Goal Results

February is long over and I hadn't posted my updated goals results for the month:
1. February cards: 12/12 2008 Total: 33/120
2. Upload to SCS gallery: 12/12
3. Christmas card: 0/1 2008 Total: 0/12 (hmm I guess I'm a loser on this one again)
4. Participate in a weekly SCS/blogger challenge: 5/4
5. Other sized cards: 2/1
6. Participate in Tracy's happiness giveaway: n/a

I know I'm off to a great start for March however, I see my xmas card idea is shot!

1 comment:

Tracy.H said...

And two months now without a challenge from me! I promise I will come up with somthing good for next month!! ;0)