Monday, January 11, 2010

Allison rocks ......

I am singing the praise of one my Calgal friends tonight, Allison fixed my blog banner. I changed the background and got a new banner yesterday but I couldn't get the banner to display. I could see that the file was loaded but it wasn't viewing so, I knew there was something wrong in my html code. Well, I've got an engineering degree however, the lowest marks on my transcript are English 100 (no big suprise) and Computer Science 100 (I thought I wasn't even going to pass this one if it weren't for a classmate, the entire final exam was foreign to me!) so, basically I didn't understand Fortran and C+ I knew that HTML code was beyond me too.

I sent an email to my Calgal blogging friends asking for any ideas. Allison seems to be our resident guru of figuring things out. I gave her my password and off she went fixing. She found a fix on how to do it {here}. So, if you can't load a new blog banner or are having problems visit this blog link and it explains how to fix it up.

Anyhow, I hope you all go visit Allison's blog - I am sure you know it 'Stampin' When I Can'. I won't see Allison until the end of the month at our next Calgals night - then I can thank her in person ..... I bet I should make her a card ..... oh boy ... that is a lot of pressure!

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Tracy.H said... that you have said it, we are all gonna hold ya too it...we better see a care for Allison!! ;0)