Monday, January 11, 2010

The Calgals

I talk about my stamping group of friends a lot.  I do have a link to all their blogs on my right sidebar but, I wanted to do a special post and request everyone go check out these talented girls.  Gals like Allison and Nancy update their blogs daily! 

Allison – Stampin’ When I Can
Dianne – Little D Creations
Merlie – Cherish My Fetish
Nancy – Nancy’s Creative Mess
Shannon – Live, Love, Laugh and Stamp (ME)
Tracy – Tracy’s Happy Place

So, your probably wondering how we came to be and why do we call ourselves ‘Calgals’.  Well the story starts with Nancy, I meet Nancy a long time ago and Nancy also knew Tracy – back in 2007 blogging started to be come the big thing perhaps even sooner but I got in on it at the beginning of 2007.  Anyhow, Nancy wanted to get some gals together and she asked myself and Tracy to come over and also asked Allison as we had gotten to know her through her blog but had never meet.  We all meet I think it was July or August 2007 for the first time.  I remember it was before my wedding and I thought in the summer but perhaps it was sooner maybe Nancy will correct me.  So, we started out as 4 gals stamping in Nancy’s basement.  Soon after that Nancy started working at the Scrapbook Pantry and one her fav customer’s was Merlie and her two little girls so, she asked us if she could invite her over one time ….. and then their was 5 at the same time Dianne came over with Tracy one time so we could sort out some dewdrops from a share – we loved her so much we became 6.  I look forward to our monthly nights, I try not to miss them even if I know I am not going to create a thing.  I love catching up with these women and their lives – back in August, they insisted I bring Hailey to our first stamping night since she was born.  Well, I think I was the only one that showed up with stamping stuff as it was a surprise baby shower for us!  These women are inspirations and a very important part of my life, both in friendship and papercrafting. 

Oh, the name Calgals ….. that comes from Allison.  She has a thing for naming everything …… seeing we are the Gals from Calgary – Calgals works – it much better than the option of Cowtowngals or Cowgals (Calgary’s nickname is Cowtown) – Calgals is definitely more acceptable.

That is how the Calgals came to be and how the became so important in my life!  We have spiralled into a group that now trades off who brings a challenge, food and a Starbucks run!

I think we need a picture so that I can scrapbook about this group!  I’m going to have to bring my camera when I know we ALL are going to be in attendance!


Allison said...

Good story Shannon...I should link it up since I am sure people wonder what I am talking about sometimes! Cheers!

Tracy.H said...

Awww...thanks, Shannon. And back at ya. I am so thankful for our group too...a little bit of adult sanity in my life...well, not so sure about the sanity part, but you know... ;0)

Nancy said...

Awwww, shucks!!! What a nice write up!!! I too love getting together with the girls each month... we always have such a good time!!


Merlie said...

Right back at ya, mwhaaa! It's always a blast, when we get together.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Shannon! I always wondered how you group of ladies came to be...stamping that is!

It's nice to have that group & bond, I love those moments!