Sunday, January 10, 2010

I think I failed already ....

I posted last Sunday and well low and behold it is Sunday again ... or it is Sunday as I start this post with 10 minutes left in the day .... I doubt I will get this post done fast enough to consider it Sunday .. oh well, my intention to blog is here. My reason for not blogging sooner ..... the new Super Mario Brothers Wii, seriously this is the most addicting game. I am suppose to have the Wii for Wii Fit but I've been on my A$$ playing Mario. This game is the best game out since the original Mario for the orginal Nintendo. I was addicted then at 12/13 and 20 years later here we are again. Ian and I have been managing to play together and haven't hurt each other yet. He is a tad competitive and I have to remind him a lot that it is a GAME!

Anyhow, on to my layout.

This picture is of my niece, Katelynn when she was about 2 years old and Grandma Rita had just given her new rubber boots and rain coat, she had to go out and try them out ....... the title 'Splash Boots' is because that is what Katelynn and Cooper have always called them. Guess you know what they like to do in the puddles.

The paper and letters are by Piggy Tales. I love Piggy Tales paper but they are a one print run company so I can't use them to design kits as by the time Monday Night Class goes to order the paper after my designing the paper is out of stock at the distrubitors. This is really too bad as I designed an awesome (if I do say so!) kit last year with Piggy Tales but then we couldn't get the paper.

It is now 12:05 am ... not quite Sunday but not bad!


Nancy said...

It's a great layout Shannon!!

I haven't tried the new Super Mario game... I hardly play the Wii at all... sigh

Michelle said...

Great layout Shannon, so cute. I love this paper, I did a layout too with it. Fun!