Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3 - Salt Lake City

Tuesday, March 23

We spent today in Salt Lake City.  We were up bright and early so that we could meet a tour group for 8:40 am this morning.  The drive into the downtown hotel area was only about 10 minutes.  We took a 4 hour bus tour around the downtown SLC area getting a history lesson on all things Utah, Salt Lake City and learning about the Church of Latter Day Saints or simply all things Mormom.  Ian and I both learnt alot, we were so happy we did the tour.  The tour included driving around to all the sites including the old manison street, University of Utah, 2002 Olympic sites, Olympic athletes village, Temple Square, Trolley Square, Hertiage Park area and the State Capitol building.  I've included some pictures from the day.

This 1st picture is actually from the morning we left Butte, Montana. It had snowed overnight and Ian's hard work on cleaning up the MINI were already dirty.

The Olympic Athletes Village. We didn't get out so this is the best I could get from the bus. The village was turned over to the University of Utah to use for dorms. Interesting fact: During the Olympics in 2002, (just 4 months after 9/11), the University was closed down for 3 weeks. Gates were erected around the entire campus, which is huge, and the perimeter was patrolled by the National Guard. The Athletes Village which is on the campus was also surrounded by an electric fence and only the athletes could come and go.

I really needed my sunglasses.  A picture of us in front of an old wagon in the Heritage Park.  Like all heritage parks in SK and AB this one depicks life as a Mormom settler.

This picture is from lunch and it is important as it shows Hailey and her forward crawl which she has now perfected in Salt Lake City.  She got it down pat on Monday night and though she isn't very speedy yet she is going forward. I am sure by the weekend we will be having to lasso her.

Not sure exactly which this building is right now but it is one of the building at Temple Square which is the headquarter area for the Mormom church. 

This is a really great picture that Ian got of the Cathedral at Temple Square.

Another great one by Ian.  This is the church organ at Temple Square.  We saw about half of the noon rectial before Hailey got to rowdy.  The acoustics in this building are amazing.  We got here a pin drop in a tin cup from the front stage.  The lights behind the organ changed color.  I'm not a very religious girl but this was definitely cool.

State Capitol Bldg

Hailey and I in the State Capitol Bldg.  Bldg had marble columns and marble slabs everywhere.  Doesn't Hailey look thrilled!

And last, another picture of Hailey on the bus at the end of the tour.  Ian thinks this looks like something Virginia would do for us.  I think he can use the Nikon D3000 better than me and I've done all the reading.

We went for supper tonight to a Brazilian restuarant.  It was an unique experience, you served yourself at the salad bar then by the salad bar were the sides as well.  You had a little marker on your table that you turned to green when you wanted the meat service, turned it to red to wait and laid it on its side when you were done.  The best thing I think we tasted were the sweet and hot chicken and the garlic steak.  However, we left both the point and shoot and D3000 in the hotel room.  I thought Ian had it, Ian thought I had .... at least we always remember Hailey.

We are off to North Vegas tomorrow am. 


erin said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. I loved the pics :D can't wait to see more!


Tracy.H said...

Love, love, love that last pic of Hailey!!! :0)

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys are having fun.

I've been to SLC twice & loved it both times.

Hey, I went to that same restaurant when I was there during SU Convention, isn't it freakin' awesome!!!

Allison said...

That last pic is perfect! I want one like that (with the reflected face).