Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 5 - The Valley of Fire

Thursday, March 25

After a great sleep, we got up at 7:30 - thank you, Hailey! - We knew we wanted to get going a little earlier to look around at the Boot N' Bonnet show a the MINI show before taking off at noon to drive out to the Valley of Fire.

Here is our MINI, Sharpie.  All cleaned up and ready to rally!

Hailey is looking very excited to be going on her first MINI rally.

I like cats and all but this is a bit overboard.  Ian passed it on our first opportunity on the way to the Valley of Fire.

Heading out of I-15 North of Vegas.

Motoring to the Valley of Fire ... getting into the red sandstone.

Arrive at the Valley of Fire State Park.

Muster point at the Vistors Centre.  We then took off into the park after a snack.

We got some great pictures of the different rock formations.

Sharpie was here!

Much happier after a nap ...... the MINI windows are great for her to see out so when she isn't sleeping she can be heard just chatting away or totally quiet looking out the window. 

Last picture from the D3000 for the day as the camera battery died and I haven't uploaded the point and shoot yet.

The weather in North Vegas was crazy windy all day but once we were out at the Valley of Fire.  The sun was shining with clear skies and about 22 deg C.

We got back to the hotel about 4 pm and spent the rest of the afternoon getting a new card tuning and looking at the vendor booths.  Hailey picked up a new onsie that reads 'Future MINI driver' and I got my first MINI t-shirt.  There was an awesome seatbelt purse that was checkered white and black but I thought on it too long and the one I liked was gone on Friday ... though I got the website for future gift ideas.

Hailey was out really early and Ian fell asleep behind here.  I ventured down to the Casino to give a donation (Haha!) and got back in time to watch Grey's and Private Practice.   I was asleep by 11 pm - don't think I've every gone to bed so early in Vegas.  But, I usually don't get up at 7:30 either in Vegas.


Michelle said...

Love, love all these pics...looks sooooo cool.

Glad the wind stopped.

Love the pic of Hailey smiling away!

erin said...

Loved the pic of the road disappearing and reappearing amongst the red rock.

I loved the "Mini pooper" onsie you got. I got that pic as a wallpaper on my iTouch. Makes me smile each time.