Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 4 - Arrive in Vegas

Wednesday, March 24

We arrived in the North Vegas area this afternoon.  However, all the pictures are on the point and shoot from the drive down here and I forgot that in the MINI which is parked in the parking garage on the other side of the hotel.  Anyone that has been to Vegas knows that a quick run down to the car is nothing quick at all..... a mile or so later you have made it to point A and you have to come back up yet.

We left SLC about 8:30 this morning and motored in about  3 pm.  The views along the way was amazing, so much to see.   The landscape changed over and over.  We stopped at a Carls Jr along the way and I think Ian found his new fast food favorite.  Then we stopped again in St George, UT - I was trying to go to the Robert's Arts and Crafts but where the GPS said it was it wasn't, I knew I should have put the website address in the GPS favorites last night.  So, I found a Target that was close by, Ian dropped us off and headed to car wash so, that Sharpie could be all sparkly when we rolled into Vegas.  There are about 75 cars here right now and loads to arrive tomorrow and Friday.

We had a great meal at TGI Fridays .... Hailey is fast asleep ..... Ian went down to gamble away $20 ... I laughed and said you know it will be $50! Tomorrow, we are doing a run to the Valley of Fire park and sleeping in ...... well according to Hailey that will be about 8:30-9 am ... but sounds better than 7 am.  How am I ever going to be ready to go back to work and get up around 6 am to get ready to get Hailey to the dayhome .... I hope July takes a long time to get here.

Night!  Pictures tomorrow .......


Tracy.H said...

Can't wait to see more pics!! Have fun! :0)

Michelle said...

Fun stuff!

I loved, loved Carl Jr's salads, soooo good & Billy tried one of their Portobello Mushroom burgers, he loved it too.

I hate burgers but, we had to try Inn N Out burgers when we were in LA, they only have 3 choices on their menus, burgers of course. Anyways, really good! & CHEAP!

Can't wait to see some more pics.