Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Spirit

Well, I have to say the only good thing about a migraine and having to take some imitrix is the amount of things I get done through the night because I can't sleep.  I did however, have an amazing 6 hour sleep after popping the pill.  I woke up with only a mild feeling left from the migraine which was a good thing as I was in tears my head was spinning so bad. 

So, seeing as I couldn't sleep.  I spend several hours editing pictures in PSE5 and sending them to Costco to get printed.  Then I decided to get my blog looking better.  It has been so long since I have used blogger extensively, I didn't even know about the new templates and editor etc.  I have a new background and now with my new skills in PSE5, I made my very own banner.  I am pretty happy with it as I threw it together in about 10 minutes.  I had to keep resizing then I realized as I was uploading that the pixel width would be strunk to 910 pixel ... would have saved me a bit if I had read that.  Oh well, I'll remember for next time.

On to my scrap page .........

My little HAT has grown so much in the last year.  This picture was taken in January 2010, she was a mere 6 months old.  We are a few days shy of 17 months now.  I made this page when I was in Saskatoon with Christy for SK Scraps.  It is heavy with product!  But, I figure it looks better on a page then in the package and as Christy pointed out to me - I still own it when it is on my page.

I really am going to try to make this an active blog again.  I won't make any promises but I have been feeling creative lately which is better than it has been since I came back to work in July.  Perhaps I have finally found a routine?  Doubt it ..... just when things start running smooth something throws a wrench at my head ..... next week Ian is out of town so I'll be dropping Hailey at the dayhome at 6:30 am.  I hope she makes it as she is my little sleeper and a 11 hours isn't enough for her.

All paper and embellishments from Bo-Bunny Delilah line


Nancy said...

When my computer was having issues, I deleted PSE that I got from that job I had before... I don't have it anymore and never did learn how to use it :-(

I LOVE this page... amazing how much HAT has grown!

Debbie P. said...

Absolutely LOVE this page and could your daughter be any cuter??? I know what you mean about the whole blog thing...it's hard to keep up with one!

Jacqueline said...

Great Layout - love those flowers ... another fellow Canadian Crafter ~ I'm a new follower (from Ontario)... check out the Blog Hop I'm hosting, exclusively for Canadian Crafters; Visit my blog for details ...