Monday, June 11, 2007

Cats like to Stamp Too

I just put away my pre-order from Stampin' Up - my new stamps on my desk and my paper cutter all ready to finish the inserts on the wedding invites so they can be mailed out later this week.

Apparently, Missie thought she should help too.

Once the wedding invites are out this week - I can play with my new toys. I've gotten Barquoe Motifs and Pick a Petal plus 3 of the new in color inks and a multi pack of the in colors.

Also, on another note, I had an interview at Husky this morning. If things work out I could be back in the engineering work force very soon. I guess 2 months off is enough - but its been fun.

I have 4 new cards using Paper Trey sets - I need a 5th one before I post as I am created a set for Julie at Mutch to Stamp. She is collecting cards for a friend of her, who needs this for an auction for autism. Julie if your reading this - I'll be sending you a xmas set, a bella set and the paper trey set. I'll post them all soon.

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Julie Mutch said...

Hi Shannon,

I am :) Thanks so much for taking the time to make up some cards for my friend.
I had the best mail today. I got 242 cards delivered to me! I'm tellin' ya I was drooling! Can't wait to see your creations. :)