Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two of my Favorite Little People

I've been a bad blogger - I have new projects I just haven't managed to get a picture of them when the light has been good. Maybe on Thursday as I do laundry before we take off for the long weekend. I thought I'd share two photos with you.

These are my brother's kids, Katelynn and Cooper. Katelynn is 21 months and Cooper is almost 10 months. Yes, my brother and sister-in-law have their hands full. Katie will be my flower girl at the wedding and Cooper is going to be one of the 'best boys' along with my other nephew who is almost 1 and my ring bear is his older brother who is 3 1/2 years old. Should be a good kid show that day. Of course, I will post pictures once we are back from our honeymoon. Wedding day is 3 months away - September 29, 2007!

This last picture is a picture a friend of ours took in Vegas of Ian and I at the end of April. Her husband was seriously hurt in a boating accident in May so I just got it from her. The good news is her husband will be fine - just a long, slow, painful physical therapy recovery.


Nancy said...

Great photo of you and Ian!

Tracy.H said...

Great pics!!

They may have their hands full but it will be good too. Mine are 15 months apart and even though they may fight they are the best of friends!! :0)