Sunday, June 3, 2007

Google Reader

I was using Technorati to view all the blogs I subscribe to but I was finding it doesn't ping out properly or update all the different kind of blogs.

This week Nancy posted that Google Reader allows a next reader and that she can keep hitting next until it takes her to the end of the blogs she reads. I checked it out and tried it with the Canadian blogs I read for the week. I would have done it for everything but I have 95 blogs favorited and Technorati doesn't allow an export of your favorited links just an import. So, I had to copy and paste the url in. Well after a few days of use I could see it was better so tonight I added all the addresses in and I am 100% caught up in my blurfing (great word courtesy of Allison) done. This next button actually makes it easier for me to leave comments to as I just hit next when I am done I don't have to hit the back button to take me to the home page.

I would highly recommend using Google Reader if you aren't already.

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Nancy said...

Hey Shannon... there's also a "subscribe" button that I found with Google REader this past week.... same idea and same place as the "next" button... it too is on my Blog under "Another Google Tip"