Friday, September 14, 2007

Best Blog Friends - Thanks Nancy

Nancy honoured me as Best Blog Friends on Sept 3rd. However, I started a new job on the 4th and I'm getting married on the 29th so well.... I haven't posted a reply.

So, here goes my best blog friends - in no particular order!

Nancy would have to be mentioned. She couldn't remember how we met but it was because I found CST (Canadian Stamp Talk) the yahoo list where she is the list mom. On that list, she had invited the Calgary girls to a SU! party that she was having being new to Calgary and stamping I didn't have many friends or stamping friends at that so I jumped at the chance. So, I met Nancy in November 2003 - I remember it was November as I had birthday money from my dad that I used to buy stamps and 2003 was the first year I started stamping and I made xmas cards that year.

Tracy would have to be mentioned next. I have met Tracy as she is Nancy's downline and linked on Nancy's blog. We then went in on SU catalogs this year and had a coffee when they came in. Since then she has saved my bacon when I forgot to order something for a stamp club member at my club at the end of August. Thanks again Tracy!

Allison would have to be next. I've never met Allison but I read her blog several times a day and she is a fab lady. I will meet her on Saturday night as I am stamping with Nancy, Tracy and Allison! Because of Allison, I will be spell checking this entry tonight. Forgive my spelling mistakes, I'm an engineer - spelling is not my thing but I'm pretty good at producing black gold!

And last but not least -
Julie! Julie is from Halifax, NS..... actually she is somewhere towards Cole Harbor but I think closer to Dartmouth. My future hubby is from Dartmouth and when I was in NS in May - I went and stamped with Julie one night. I hope to have many more stamp nights with Julie when I am in NS as it is a great escape for an evening from the in-laws. Thanks for being a blogger friend!


Tracy.H said...

Awww...thanks Shannon! See ya Saturday!! :0)

Nancy said...

I knew we met online cuz of CST but like you said, I didn't remember the particulars!

So glad you moved closer!!!!

Can't wait for tonight!

Allison said...

Thanks Shannon...when are you going to post that super-duper paper creation you made...are you going to make us wait?