Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Married

I am officially the new Mrs. Tompkins. Ian and I were married yesterday which turned out to be a clear day in Calgary though it was a bit cool but when your wearing a white wedding gown you don't really feel the cold.

The only hitch of the day involved the limo driver being late to pick myself, my maid of honour and mother up which made me late for my own wedding! However, when your the bride they can't start without you. We were about 3 minutes away from getting in our own vechile and sprinting there. It wouldn't have been so bad but we were ready to go 20 minutes before his arrival time and then he was 15 minutes late - meaning he got their 15 minutes before out wedding was to start and the drive was going to take 20-25 minutes. Oh well - it all worked out. Ian knew I wasn't the run away bride as his best man had talked to me at 1:45 and I said that we were all ready just waiting on the limo.

I don't have a single picture to post right now as everyone with the cameras took off so I am hoping I get one emailed to me today. Then I will post it.

We are leaving to Kelowna tomorrow morning for our honeymoon - we are driving to Radium tomorrow to visit the hot springs and then on to Kelowna the next day. We will be there until Sunday and the best part is that we are going there during the fall wine festival.

When I return I have a ton of pictures now with the wedding projects as well as some big news about me and my stamping.

Shannon Tompkins


Nancy said...

Congratulations and Best Wishes Shannon and Ian!!!!

Allison said...

Congrats Shannon!

Deborah said...

How simply divine! CONGRATS! My DD in Calgary went to a wedding yesterday too! Calgary was busy yesterday getting couples hitched! All the best! Deb

Julie Mutch said...

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Tompkins! :) I can't wait to see some pics! Have a wonderful honeymoon! All the best!


Michelle said...

Congratulations Shannon and Ian!

Tracy.H said...

So happy for the both of you! I can not wait to see all the photos and hear your big news!! Have a wonderful honeymoon!! :0)

Crafty in Calgary said...

Congrats, Shannon! I cannot wait to see pics. And, have a wonderful time in Kelowna- it ought to be gorgeous there!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Congratulations on your marriage. I love hearing about weddings and happiness.

Nancy Grant said...

Congratulations Mrs. Tompkins! Well, since you are no longer a "Grant" at least we still have stamping in common. ;-)
I am happy for you. Getting married to my Andrew has been one of the biggest blessing in my life and i hope it is the same for you.

Nancy Grant

Tex said...

Congratulations, Shannon!!
I'm a happily married "girl" of 33 years ... and I'm here to tell you that it is a great ride .. and well worth the "meeting each other half-way!" Savor every day together!

~Bev / Tex