Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedding Card from Julie

Ian and I received this card in the mail from Julie yesterday. Thanks so much Julie for thinking of Ian and I on our upcoming wedding day (which is just 4 sleeps away). I had the pleasure of meeting Julie when I was in Halifax in May with Ian visiting his parents.

All our parents come in from Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia tomorrow (Wed). So, it will be a busy day around here. We had a bit of excitement on Monday morning when Ian's bestman got a call for back surgery that will take place on Friday not allowing him to be the bestman anymore. He has been waiting on this call for months. They give you 5 days notice, take it or leave it - if he didn't go he would have had another 5 month painful wait and lost his WCB benefits. So, he had to go. We have asked another friends of Ian's to step up and he has agreed. Difficult thing to have to do when you are 5 days from your wedding. We wish Chris all the best in his surgery on Friday and will miss him on Saturday.

Photo from Julie's blog:


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Shannon,

I'm so glad the card arrived before your big day. Don't worry about the Best Man change, everything will go smoothly and it'll be a wonderful day! All my best to you both! Have a great time! It's one you'll remember forever! :)


Crafty in Calgary said...

What a beautiful card!