Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Cuttlebug folders

Did you see these?????

New Releases from Cuttlebug for A2 folders, dies and a Storage binder!

I love the paisley, allegro, birds&swirls and floral fantasy.

The link above will take you to the ProvoCraft site where you can see them all.


Julie Mutch said...

Oh, I love those new folders! The Floral Fastasy, Birds and Swirls and Perfectly Paisley are my favs! Gorgeous! Can't wait to get those!

LOL Got your message about going shopping...I'd love to take ya out for the day! I love to spend other people's money! lol :)

The countdown is on, eh? Have a wonderful day next Saturday! All my best to you and Ian for a very special day. :)


Tracy.H said...

I have not seen these ones before!! Lovin' that Floral Fantasy. Hope we can get these here soon!! :0)

Crafty in Calgary said...

Yes, and I am in SO much trouble!!

Ila said...

Wow..I just saw them...and ...I want them all..lol.
You recently commented on my blog about me living in Melvile. It seems unbelievable that I wouldn't know the people you mentioned (Melville is so small) but I even ask my husband and family...and no one seems to be able to place them. For some reason though the names sound so familiar. Maybe I'm having one of those senior moments...lol.

Sounds like your getting married soon....Congratulations!! to you and Ian. Have a Wonderful Day!!