Monday, September 17, 2007

Tagged by Nancy

Nancy tagged me with this new tag. Seeing as I can't take any pictures right now as I remain camera-less until my Mom comes in 9 days for our wedding, I will post this.

Four place I have worked. (I have a huge list here so I'll pick 4 of the best)
1. Jealous & Walker Drugs, in my hometown in Saskatchewan. This was my afterschool and Saturday job. I thought about pharmacy for a bit but didn't really like the biology involved so I went with engineering.
2. Schlumberger, My first job once I had my engineering degree. I was a wireline engineer on drilling rigs. Basically, I ran a crew of 2 operators and myself and we put electronic tools down on a wire cable that made a log of lines that can tell where the oil or gas is in the well. This job had me based out of Grande Prairie but I saw a lot of Northern AB, NE BC, Southern AB and Sask on this job as well I lived in Oklahoma for 6 months one year.
3. Penn West, My first long term job - from Schlumberger I crossed from a service company to an oil and gas operating company. I worked at PW for 4 years and it is the heart of resume. I learned so much here.
4. EnCana, My current job in which I started 2 weeks ago. I'm a production engineer for some gas wells on the Cold Lake air weapons range. This should make for an interesting field visit in October.

(Everyone bored with my work experience now! - You see why I stick to card making on my blog)

Four places I have lived. (I'm going to list them all)
1. Cupar, SK - My home until almost the end of Grade 1.
2. Indian Head, SK - My hometown - I did the rest of Grade 1-12 here.
3. Regina, SK - I got my degree from the university here but, I did workterms in the following places while getting my degree.
4. Kenora, ON - Hinton, AB - Calgary, AB - Lloydminister, AB
5. Grande Prairie, AB - My first eng job location.
6. Duncan, OK - A six month stay.
7. Calgary, AB - I've been here since Dec 31, 2001 - this is home now!

Four places I have been on vacation.
1. Scotland
2. Halifax and Cape Breton
3. Puerto Vallarta
4. Las Vegas

Four of my favorite foods.
1. fresh cut fries
2. salt and pepper chicken wings
3. roasted chicken
4. pizza

Four places I would rather be right now.
1. shoe shopping, its my new obession
2. stamping or stamp shopping
3. on a beach with a strawberry margarita
4. Bed

Four friends most likely to respond. (I'm going to tag these gals)
1. Julie - Mutch to Stamp
2. Natasha - Palm Trees & Pogosticks
3. Nancy G - Inkcicles
4. Crafty in Calgary
5. Kristi - kreationsbykrissy


Nancy Grant said...

Oh wow... who'd a thought that you tag me? Thanks! I'll have to post my answers this week! Can I tag you back?

Crafty in Calgary said...

I will put my tag on today! Thanks! :) I love reading everyone's little tidbits!