Thursday, July 31, 2008

News from Dallas

Well I made in to Dallas. It really amazes me that it is only a 3 hour flight but I go to Halifax at least once a year with Ian and that is 5 1/2 hour. I picked up my rental car and me and the GPS were on the road by 12:30. It took the satellite a while to acquire a signal at the airport as I headed out with all that concrete so I just drove out and headed for the 121 N to Grapevine. The exit I took so that I could pull over and program the GPS got me right in from of Joann's in Grapevine so I had to go in. I was amazed at how nice one of those superstores are. I wish we had something there as the merchandise was so different that Michael's. I picked up an Pioneer 12x12 Album that was $19.99 with 30% off that is black Leather but says 'Live, Love, Laugh'. I loved it.

My next mission was lunch and a Strawberry Lemon slush from Sonic. I feel in love with this fruit slush when I lived in Oklahoma but haven't had one now in 7 years! Didn't take long to find one with my GPS - I think I am going to call the voice Greta. Mabye some nicer name as she has been so helpful. Once I was feed and had my large slush I was off again to my first store. I hit up ScrapBarn in Carrollton, Stamp Asylum in Plano and Scrapbook Bunnies in McKinney. Each was about 15 minutes apart and I never left the concrete jungle of the DFW metro. On my way to McKinney I say that exit 37 took me to the Allen Premium Outlet Stores which was one thing I hadn't researched. So, I stopped there and looked around for awhile.... I found the cutest shoes at Naturalizer ..... leave it to me to still find the $40 shoes when everything else is $20! I also got a new pair of Arnette sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut and a present for my husband to say 'I'm sorry I went on vacation without you!'

A stop at the Super Target on the way back to the airport/Grapevine area for some munchies and I settled into my hotel for the night. I called Bev and she was amazed at how much I got in to one day and the numerous places I'd been and how she didn't even know about some of my stops.

I am heading to Imprints in Fort Worth today and then to the Grapevine Mills Mall. I think I have a stop at Bath&Body Works in my future. Then to the airport for 3:45 to pick Judy up. We are going to check in and then head out to Bev's to meet the rest of the DT and have our live release party tonight. This is definitely a great weekend, I think I have the best name for it too ...... Design Team does Dallas ..... good thing we don't have a Debbie on our team!

More to come later .... I'll post some pictures from tonight tomorrow.


Nancy said...

Sounds like you're having a great time!!!!!

Tracy.H said...

Sounds like one big shop fest!! What could be better? :0)

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

I miss you, Shannon!
You are one hot-shopper indeed! I think I might need to take speed-shoppin' lessons from you .... so hurry on back!