Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly Kids!

I don't have any cards today but a few pictures instead. My brother and his family were through Calgary on July 4th on a family vacation. I meet them Friday morning and we went to the Calgary Zoo together. This first picture is me and my nephew Cooper aka Coops. I never smile with my mouth open so I suspect I was saying cheeze with Coops. This is also my new hair cut however you can't really see the length or color that well in this picture.

I couldn't leave Katelynn aka Katie out of the picture so this is a picture of Daddy's girl. The Daddy would be my brother, Brent. Yes I know we look alike and that his kids are adorable!

And the last picture I have is a picture that my sister-in-law took of the kids when they were in Drumheller at the dinosaur museum. This picture shows their gorgeous red hair and I thought Katelynn had quite the outfit on here.

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Kristi said...

OMG they are too cute...hey your brother looks just like my hubby..heeeheeee TWINS...OMG I will have to show you, or we'll ask the girls this weekend...