Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 10 - His Dream Land ....

Tuesday, March 30th

Yesterday, we went to one of my dream places ... the San Diego Zoo.  Today, we headed out to Legoland.  Until meeting Ian, I didn't know it was possible to own as much lego as Ian had as child and teenager.  There are pictures of him building bridges across the backyard in Nova Scotia ... he might have been more a manchild by then. 

So, off to Legoland we go .........

LEGOLAND California - one of the 4 or 5 Legolands in the world .... I wonder if Ian will want to conquer them all?

Bob the Builder

Miniland was amazing and really the Lego highlight of the part.  The next several photos are all from Miniland.

The White House, the band moved!

Ian in all his glory

New Orleans during Mardi Gras

This was one of my favorite buildings in the French Quarter when I was in New Orleans.  The Lego version is so near the real thing, I wish I had the NO pictures on this computer to compare.

Back in Vegas.

The Strip

The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco is our next destination.

Pier 39 in San Fran on our list of places to visit ... look at the sea lions on the docks on the right side.

Buildings of New York, you can see me pushing the stroller in this picture.  Notice how big the structures are around me as I was at the same level as them.

Seattle Space Needle, our last US city stop on this trip

After MiniLand, Ian took a break with a buddy and we were off to find some lunch but, we stumbled across a kids area and Hailey got pretty stimulated!

She was so excited ... this lego exhibit combined her favorite things music and water.

The instruments played music and water came out the spouts if you jumped on the pad/circles you see on the ground.

After lunch, we were off to go on a couple rides but with an almost 9 mo old baby that involves a couple very slow boat rides.

The first boat ride took us through an enchanted forest of nursery rhyme/storybook characters.  I picked out my two favorites.

Enjoying the boat ride.

Fairy Godmother as every girl needs one of these.

Sleeping Beauty - this was so life like.

Hailey enjoying the park in her ride with her monkey from the San Diego Zoo.

On to the next boat ride.

This boat had a driver and fit about 30 people or so.  It took your through a canal at the park and showed you some lego structures you really could only see from the boat.

Sydney Opera House

Taj Mahal

Eiffel Tower

Mount Rushmore, if you look at Washington closely you will see he is getting a bit of q-tip cleaning.

New York City in MiniLand - you can really only see Lady Liberty well from the boat.  We thought it was interesting that they have the new building that will be built to replace the Twin Towers in the sky line.

After the big boat ride, we walked around a bit but it was getting really hot and Hailey was ready for her nap.  Ian took about 250 pictures at Legoland so although I have uploaded a lot it doesn't even touch on what is on the hard drive.

An interesting tidbit of the day: I rubbed Hailey down with SPF 55 so she didn't get an ounce of red color however, her parents aren't as smart.  Ian and I were a bit red and hot come evening.  Ian's scalp was burnt, I had a slight line on my forehead where I must of missed with foundation and my part was burnt of course.  My arms are a bit red but nothing serious ....... I will remember to do myself from now on ... no more red.....

We are off to San Francisco in the morning.  A long drive a head of us - north on I-5.

Our families have been reading about our trip via my blog posts so although we are home - it is now April 13th and I am just posting March 30th, I am going to continue posting about the rest of our trip as I know our families are waiting for the pictures and it is great journalling for my scrapbook pages down the road.

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