Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 7 - Vegas Show n' Shine

Saturday, March 27

Have you ever wondered why laundromat is spelled with an 'o' - you don't say an 'o' sound.  Ian and I both being engineer tend to have bad spelling.  We left on Saturday morning to go out to do the laundry.  I type laundry into the GPS and we went on to find all the various laundry services for the Vegas hotels.  After figuring out how to spell laundromat and 45 minutes of driving in circles we were at a laundromat.  An hour later the clothes were folded and we'd enjoyed a Starbucks. 

We were then off on a Poker Run.  There were 3 community cards and we had to visit 4 locations to get a card at each.  Our favorite stop was the famous Welcome to Vegas sign. 

A long line of people were here all waiting to get their turn in front of the sign.

And just to have proof that we had Sharpie there.

We ended up with 8S, QS, 3D, 8D and the community cards were a Wild, K and Q (can't remember suits) - so the best we could do was a full house queens over eights however, the guy in front of me turning in his cards had a FH with kings over queens so I knew we were already beat.  But, we had a great time.  Ian also won a door prize of a circuit for his card for the window toggle.

It was then time for the show n' shine car show.  There were lots and lots of Cooper S but Ian entered his car.  Below are a few of our favorite cars.

The star of our vacation.

I love the decal of the flag on the side panels on this one.  I'm working on convincing Ian to do this one but white on the black car.

And our favorite classic.  We have been waiting for the owners of this car to be around for days.  As you can't see it here but you will understand when you see the next picture.

Hailey's got her own ride.  She was so excited in this little car that Ian and I ended up having to take pictures with her.  I have one on her own but I am going to have to do some photoshop work on them.  Apparently this car was bought at Costco online in blue and the classic owner made it up as a replic of his classic.  Hailey loved this car and of course, she has her MINI pooper shirt on.  We got her a new onsie from one of the vendors that she can wear in the future it reads 'Future MINI driver'.

Well, that was Vegas in a nutshell.  Tomorrow, is Sunday and we are off on our trip to San Diego.  Really the next leg of our adventures are just beginning ..... San Diego, San Fran, Oregon, Seattle .... and a visit with my Aunt and Uncle in Hope, BC ... then Calgay bound.  Another week and half at least.


Jennifer Moore said...

How cute is she!!!

Michelle said...

Awesome pics Shannon! Love them. Can't wait to see what you do for layouts!!!!

Looks like your having a blast & Hailey looks as if she has been quite the companion "roadie"!!!!