Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 8 - California here we come

Sunday, March 28th

The Tompkins' are off to California for the first time.  Neither Ian and I have ever been to the Sunshine State so, we were very excited.  However, leaving Vegas on a Sunday with all the other Cali-bound cars might not have been the best idea. 

Since, leaving Las Vegas we have not been without traffic everywhere around us on the freeways and interstates.  The drive to San Diego was definitely a journey.  We did leave Vegas a little later than we had planned after days of Hailey getting up at 7:30, she slept until 9:30 - I guess baby girl was wiped out from her Vegas adventures.

Lots of traffic but it was a gorgeous drive.  We paced through so many different terrians.

Then things got green!  We were out of the desert.

We got in to San Diego before supper. Hailey was happy to be out of the car so she was a crawling machine around the hotel room. 

We are staying on North Harbor Drive so, we went out for a walk on the bay boardwalk and had some fresh fish and chips. YUM!  The plan for Monday is to tour the San Diego Zoo, I have always wanted to go to this zoo. 

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