Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 12 - No joke, we are in San Francisco on April Fools Day

Thursday, April 1st

No jokes here!  We are really in San Francisco on April 1, 2010.  The day is cool but sunny and we are off to Pier 39 and lunch at Bubba Gumps...... we know we want to do a city tour but we are planning on saving that for Day 2 along with the Golden Gate Bridge.

After a good sleep, we got up and headed towards the Bay Bridge and Pier 39.  We were both suprised that the freeway was so rough.  Concrete freeways are definitely loud and rough with the MINIs low profile tires.

Hailey is ready for another day.

Pier 39 - Just like in the movies!

The famous sea lions though not as many as there usually is.  A low herring year in the bay has many of the sea lions gone, though they have been spotted in Oregon coasts.

Golden Gate in the distance.

The big highlight of the bay - touring Alcatrez.  We don't have the time nor does have Hailey have the patience for this one but someday we will be back.

I look like I've hit the mother load and in candy terms with me I have.  I love salt water taffy so I loaded up with lots.

Can you guess where we are headed for lunch?  While waiting for a table the gal in the gift shop gave me a sticker for Hailey it read 'I'm eating at Bubba Gumps'

I was so excited to be going to Bubba's again.  I ate at the restuarant in New Orleans and knew Ian would love it as he loves the movie.

Run Forrest Run

Onion rings and shrimp .... so good.  We had the cajun shrimp appetizer too but didn't take a picture.

Life is a box of chocolates.

The Bay Bridge.  We came across this on the way in.  I didn't take the camera out as I was just taking it all in.  We were suprised that the toll for 2 axels was $6 though you only pay one way.

Ian's hero, Sponge Bob.

A view of the shops on the Pier.  It was a very crowded day.

Fisherman'sWharf .... all the seafood stands looked amazing.  I would have loved some chowder in sourdough bowl but we were so full from Bubba's.

Sourdough is on the agenda for tonight or tomorrow.  I did stop at Boudin's and get a half pound and some butter for the hotel later.

The ride back on the Bay Bridge not as spectular on the lower deck.

We had another great day.  We are really hoping that the weather holds and the rain that is forecasted doesn't come as we want to do the motorized street car tour tomorrow.  If it does rain we will just have to take the motor coach tour doesn't sound as thrilling though. 


erin said...

I loved pier 39. We did a boat tour of the harbour and sailed around alcrataz (sp?). I would have really like to have rented some bikes to go over the Golden Gate bridge.

Jennifer Moore said...

Concrete highways are only rough and loud if the tining (what gets it traction) is done improperly.

Jennifer Moore said...

Didn't realize tires made that much of a difference.

Betty said...

they have the same size arms