Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Riley Spoting at CHA

Riley was spotted at CHA with some new images. Riley Moose and Sophie G are by Hanna Stamps. 7 stamps were released on February 1st and some of these will be released in the future however, I don't know the release date from Kristi yet.

Also, did you see my new blog banner. I had seen Frances new banner at StampOwl and commented that I wanted a ladybug banner and to make my blog red, white and black. Well, Tammy volunteered to do a banner for me. Check out her blog at Feathers&Ink. Tammy actually made me 3 banners in which I am going to alternate as I can't pick which is my favorite. There is one weird thing though which might be in the html code that I have no clue how to read - the banner won't stretch across the full top of my blog? Anyone know why?


Nancy said...

Can't help you with the "why" but I like it!!!

StampOwl said...

love your banner ... if you find out why ... please let me know